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Mionetto Prosecco

The perfect wine for every occasion, this dry but richly fruity Prosecco comes from the most prestigious producer of this beloved Italian Sparkler. Mionetto has made a name for Prosecco by turning out delicious expressive bottlings just like this one. 

Ripe grapes from the hillsides of Valdobbiadene in Northern Italy are fermented into fresh white wine. Then a secondary fermentation is done in tank for a refreshing effervescence that brings it all to life. Apple, mineral and vanilla nuances tickle the palate and since its Brut style it finishes very dry and clean. This wine holds no pretensions of being a Champagne replica. It stands on its own as a delicious and tremendous value. The 2019 Ultimate Wine Challenge said "Fresh, summer aromas of green grape, honeydew, and golden pear, the palate yields more subtle notes of kohlrabi and clean, green grape flavors. The mousse is creamy and the wine finishes clean, making it an ideal candidate for a spritz."

Mionetto Prosecco


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