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Bissell Brothers & Foam Brewers now in stock!

Bissell Brothers Reciprocal and Lux (mixed 4pk):

- Reciprocal: double dry-hopped “Australian” IPA. Brewed with a large portion of wheat and hopped with Vic Secret, Ella, and Summer. (currently 4.26 on Untappd with over 30,000 reviews)

- Lux: pale ale hopped exclusively with Mosaic and brewed with rye. A tropical escape to a sunnier state of mind. (currently 4.07 on Untappd)


Foam Brewers Together on Alone DIPA (2 cans per):

- Introducing the latest addition to their small family of canned beers, a Double IPA brewed with oats and lactose. This is a creamy departure from the norm of their canned offerings. Dry-hopped with Citra, Nelson and Galaxy, Together or Alone is 8.5% abv and presents a palette consisting of candied orange rind and crushed pineapple, with a creamy body, and dank finish. (currently 4.27 on Untappd)


Bissell and Foam are now available....will not last long! Available for in-store purchase only, but we have added the following new beers to our online selection:

Battery Steele Flume^2 : starting with a new blend of yeast and dry hopped, this beer with Citra and Mosaic finishes off with a heaping pile of Citra Cryo pellets. Expect a supple, pillowy mouthfeel dripping with flavors of papaya, tangerine, lychee and dank hop resin - currently 4.3 on Untappd.

Battery Steele Lite : session version of the flagship DIPA - currently 4.05 on Untappd.

Finback Gavotte DDH DIPA : new 8% DIPA with orange and mango - currently 4.24 on Untappd.


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